About Us

Over50s.com went live in April 2000, so we’ve been around a long time!

The purpose of Over50s.com has always been to offer a dedicated service to the over 50s and their lifestyles. We believe over 50s are “The New Generation” so our editorial content reflects that with interesting, fun and informative articles on the issues that affect over 50s.

Because money, and sometimes the lack of it, especially affects the over 50s, we have a particular interest in financial services. However, we recognise the subject of money can be boring – it’s what money enables a person to do that is exciting. Making the correct financial decisions can have an enormous impact upon the quality of life, and especially so for those at or near retirement.

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We are a commercial organisation and have an on-going programme of developing our own range of quality products and services. We believe we can best serve our members and site visitors by negotiating and promoting products specially tailored to the needs of the over 50s.

If you believe you have products and services that may be of interest to our members, get in touch and we can see if there is an opportunity to work together. Click the link below for more information.

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