Add some protein to your diet

As we age it is a known fact that we begin to need more specific food types in our diets. Whether this be for vitamins or to prevent weight loss/gain. However recent studies have shown us that there may be a need for more protein in our diets.

Our bodies use things like vitamins, minerals and proteins differently. This makes it ever so much more important that we make sure we manage the intake of these things. Intake of protein is good for us as over 50s as it allows for us to have healthy bones and maintain our muscles. Other than this it also may help you if you find you become tired before the evening this is due to the energy boost you can get from having more protein in your diet.

It is easy to achieve these results with minor changes to diet. Some things that you may enjoy even more for example switching from your normal sugary yogurt to Greek yogurt. If that doesn’t take your fancy why not have eggs instead of cereal for breakfast. Cooked in your favorite way!

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