Benefits of bingo to your health

Now staying healthy for people over 50 is just a game away

Over 50 and already feeling worn out? Then you definitely need to considered playing online bingo game to stay healthy and fit.

Online bingo is a bingo game played on a virtual platform which requires internet. Online bingo offers various bingo games and lots of other games like slots and casinos games that one can choose to play from. Playing bingo online is completely hassle free and easy. It keeps you entertained throughout the game making you feel relaxed and enjoyable.

Here are some of the health benefits of online bingo:

  1. Intellectual ability and cognitive strength:

With the concentration and listening skill it takes to play bingo, one’s cognitive and intellectual abilities are sharpened. It holds great benefits to mental health.The University of South Hampton’s psychology department conducted tests that measured the mental speed, memory and capacity to absorb specific types of information. The results concluded that bingo players were faster and far more accurate than non-bingo players.

  1. Boosts memory:

The elderly usually suffer with memory problems. Researchers found high-contrast, large bingo cards boost thinking and playing skills for people with cognitive difficulties and visual perception problems produced by Alzheimer’s disease (AD) and Parkinson’s disease (PD). Playing online bingo boosts the memory of the elderly.

  1. Slows down aging:

Yes, you read it right. Playing bingo can help to slow down the aging process. As people age, they begin to lose sensitivity to perceive contrasts, and this adds on to the problems of aging. Researches found that senior citizens taking part in the online bingo game were able to function better as there was greater contrast between the objects. The large contrasts seemed to assist them in being more aware of where things were and not a loose a sense of things.

  1. Sociability:

Lack of socialization will have a negative impact on one’s health and well being, especially for older persons. Playing bingo improves your sociability skills and thus, making you more sociable and establish good relations with everyone. Becoming a part of a regular bingo groups on sites like GameVillage provides the opportunity to stay acquainted with friends and even make some new ones. Read to know more about Gamevillage. Statics show that seniors who maintain social interaction have a much slower decline mentally and physically than those who do not.



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