Do you miss the past?

A recent study shows that half of people over the age of 50 prefer how their life was in the past to how it is in the present. Having more time on our hands is a possible reason for this.

Being able to sit and reminisce about how simple life was before is something that leads to people feeling this way. No worry of work and very little responsibility.

Playing out with friends, getting in trouble, the list goes on and on. All of these things have to be left in the past as the responsibilities of work and having your own life come into play.

Other reasons for people preferring the good old days include, less traffic on the roads and the fact that things they bought were built to last. These reasons may seem small but for some these changes were massive as people grew up knowing it to be one way and then suddenly all they were used to was gone.

Do you prefer life now to the old days? or do you agree with the 50% of over 50s who miss it? We think that life now is better, you never had our website in the good old days. If you would like to read more, follow this link.

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