Creating a garden requires a lot patience, acceptance of the conditions imposed by nature as well as good sense of humor and resilience. One thing common about all gardens is that they all have walls .It may be a screen wall or a retaining wall, boundary wall or maybe just the walls of a water feature or a raised planter. These walls are the skeleton of gardens and how they look is of great importance. As such they deserve careful considerations.

Creating garden walls is much easier if you are creating the garden from scratch. Beautiful gardens should echo the house in some way. Usually this is with similar lines and materials. More thought is required during the addition of a wall if similar materials are no longer available or desirable. Since walls are likely to be there for a long time , be careful enough to make sure that your wall structuring will complement what is already existing in the garden.

The use of low maintenance materials when adding a wall to the garden makes more sense. This is because garden walls get dirtier quicker than house walls. Plastering and painting them is more burdensome than keeping an old weathered stone or concrete. If you can manage to use recycled material like wood, second hand bricks or rubble the better. It is also good for your budget. Gardening doesn’t come cheap, especially when you have to buy material. You will also need to pay for labor if you can’t do it yourself. Whether you win money at aussieonlinepokies or you save for the upgrades, it’s entirely up to you.

Along these lines, gabions are the most flexible solution for they do not need a foundation and can be made of good looking facing such as pebbles or slate. They can also be made of many grades of mesh that is from diamond to more uniformed metal grids which will perfect the beauty of your garden.

Another type of material to consider when adding a wall to your garden is weathered steel. It is reasonably expensive but it lasts longer. Also it has the advantage of being narrow and therefore it does not take up too much space on restricted sites.

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