Jogging benefits your fitness and happiness

As an over 50 it is easy to just think that sitting back and relaxing is the way forward, this can be a dangerous attitude if it is not changed. With the risk of diseases and illness rising as we hit this age bracket it is important not to sit back but to stand up and do something!

Simple exercise such as jogging, significantly improves health if it is done regularly. This doesn’t mean you have to go and jog 5 miles. Just a small jog near where you live, every day, will help massively with your health.

Not only does jogging help with your health but it helps bring you happiness too! The sense of achievement you get after a jog is phenomenal and the more you do it the better it feels meaning the better this feeling gets! It is a win win! Is it time for you to take up jogging? Only you can decide that but the benefits speak for themselves.

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