Taking advantage of public transport

According to a recent BBC news story many over 50’s in England don’t use public transport.  Is this true ? The BBC say that “A third of over 65’s in England never use public transport.”  In my opinion this is quite a shocking figure considering the benefits of public transport available for us as over 50’s.  In England from the age of 60 you are eligible for free bus travel with a bus card.  This card allows for travel on the specified bus company free of charge to any of the specified destinations.

Age UK stated that the current transport system was not meeting the needs of the growing ageing population.  Older people who live in rural areas of England are affected the worst. However the BBC also say that the ageing generations in suburban areas are also affected by public transport standards.  Do you have a problem with your local bus company and how they operate ? If so tell them, nothing will get done if no one speaks up.

Helen Creighton and Caroline Abrahams are already challenging bus companies saying they need to be “adapted to meet the demands of an ageing society” and Caroline says “That the bus pass on its own isn’t enough to enable older people to stay mobile.”  Is the bus company using its recourses effectively ? Caroline doesn’t think so, she believes that “better transport planning and more imaginative use of volunteers could make a big difference today.”  Speak up and notice a difference, do something that may very well change your everyday life for the better. 

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