What activities are available to you?

Are you aware of all the activities that are available to you in your area? There is a serious issue arising with a staggering amount of over 50s feeling alone and struggling to leave the house because they are unaware of the abundance of activities available for them to participate in.

Obviously dependant on where you live, there will be activities for you to take part in. These activities usually take part in village halls for those of you who live in villages and for those of you who live in towns and cities the activities will usually be held in community centres.

There is usually also a nice variety of activities to suit all sorts of people whether you are interested in sports or less physical activities e.g Bingo (Cliché I know). These activities will al be full of people with similar interests and people who are looking to meet others. Don’t be afraid to go out and experience what your local community offers after all even a failed trip is better than no trip at all!


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