Why we should all plan our own funeral

Why we should all plan our own funeral

Death and funerals aren’t subjects many of us like to talk about, but not to means that we are likely to be leaving our loved ones with the stressful task when that time comes.

If you have ever arranged a funeral you will be aware of the emotional turmoil people go through when under taking this task. So why do so many of us leave it to our loved ones to sort out?

The population is living longer and there are now more people over the age of 50 than under it in the UK and this has also lead to more people having long term illnesses and moving into Care Homes.

So what are your options?

According the Funeral Planning Authority there are now over 1 million prepaid funeral plans in existence and this year alone 20% more plans were purchased than the same period as last year.

With a prepaid funeral plan you are buying your funeral services in advance at today’s prices, so not only are you saving your family from the worry of arranging your funeral, you will also be saving them money.

The average cost of a funeral is currently £3,700 according to the Royal London Annual Funeral Price Index. Funeral prices have increased by an average of 6% every year since 1980 and if they continue to do so in 20 years time they will cost over £11,700.

A prepaid funeral plan will cost you between £3,300 to £4,500 depending on whether you want limousines for the family to follow the hearse and a better quality coffin.

You will get your funeral director’s services, advice and support throughout the arrangements, including family viewing if required. When the time comes your family will need to make just one phone call and it all will be taken care of for them.

For those on a tighter budget there are monthly payment options from £25 a month depending on your age and the number of years you pay over. An alternative to a funeral plan is an over 50 life insurance plan that will provide a cash sum to help with funeral costs and these start from around £5 a month.

Cremations are the most popular type of funeral with over 75% choosing this option, it’s hardly surprising as burials as more expensive with burial plots costs anything from £450 to over £1,200.

If you do consider a funeral plan please bear in mind that you will also have to purchase your burial plot separately or you can leave this to when the time comes.

More and more are considering environmentally friendly options with cardboard or wicker coffins and woodland burial grounds. If you are considering your green options, one of the largest contributing factors to emitting unfriendly emissions into the atmosphere are the car exhaust fumes of family and friends attending the funeral, which can be over looked when making these arrangements.

So arranging your funeral today will save your family from escalating funeral costs and the worry and stress of wondering what type of funeral you would have wanted.

Putting plans in place today could be one of the kindest things you can do for your family, so what are you waiting for!

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