YouTube for over 50s

YouTube isn’t solely for use by teenagers looking for amusing videos, it can be used for a plethora of things. The obvious uses for YouTube are entertainment and music. However. There are other uses that are better suited to our generation.

YouTube has an abundance of useful tutorials and how to videos on almost any topic thinkable, cooking, computing, sports etc. Some of the most popular YouTube videos for over 50s are makeup and cooking tutorials with exercise videos coming in a close second.

YouTube is so unbelievably easy to use it is a shame that over 50s aren’t using it to its full potential, it really does have its uses. Whether that be a tutorial or just another entertaining funny cats video is for you to decide. If YouTube is a new concept to you, go and have a play see if you can find something of interest or something to amuse you. You may be amazed with what you find.

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