Over 50s are the best drivers…prove it with this free App!

It’s a well known fact that young drivers, especially boys, are high risk when it comes to driving. This is a fact that insurance companies are well aware of so think nothing of charging a 17 year old boy over $1,000 for even the most basic insurance cover.

For those of us with a few more miles under our belts, thankfully premiums are not quite as high. All those years of driving experience mean fewer accidents and so lower insurance premiums

For some time now insurance companies have been offering ‘black box’ insurance to young drivers. They place a little gadget in their car that monitors driving behaviors; in return they offer significantly reduced premiums for good driving.

Unfortunately the cost of this ‘black box’ has been too high to offer the service to all drivers, however times have changed and with the advent of smart phones many of us now have the equivalent, if not better technology, all ready to go in our phones.

So do you want to know how well your driving compares to others? Do you want to see how you driving changes at different times of the day? Do you want to see how someone else in your family drives?

Well now you can. eTouch has teamed up with over50s.com to provide a free App that you can download to your phone. As soon as you install the App (which takes about 10 seconds!) you can track your driving and see how you compare to others.

Unlike the insurance companies the information on your driving is yours and yours only and so won’t be shared with 3rd parties without your permission. If you do decide to share the data you will qualify for discounts on insurance and other motoring related products.

So click this link to download the App and see how your driving compares. We think over 50s are the best drivers out there, let us know how your score compares.

The App is very new and so we’d also welcome any comments on how it can be improved. Your thoughts will help improve the App before it’s released to the general public.

Have fun…and Drive Carefully!

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