There is Fun In Cycling Alone

There is Fun In Cycling Alone

Biking or cycling collectively can come with a lot of fun but cycling alone can be worth your while. This offers riders some time alone and the peace and quietness of the road can be really enjoyable.

  1. Not Limited on where to go. Sometimes riding with a lot of people or as a group can limit your chances of exploring some wonderfully adventurous areas. There is only one person you are supposed to accommodate and that person is you. There are no arguments on things such as which route to take, high hills or cycling at the beach front.
  2. Unlimited Breaks. Riding solo can help you take as many breaks as you want. This has the benefit of giving you some time to think about your life while gazing at the beauty of nature. Everyone needs some me time, isn’t it? You need to have moments to digest everything that is happening and what happened in your life.
  3. Winning your own competition. We have many companions that are really far much better than us when it comes to cycling. Every time you go cycling with them they always out-compete you. However, the advantage of cycling alone is that you can challenge yourself to a competition of your own. You will always come out as the winner.
  4. Won’t be left behind. Riding alone can be less competitive especially when your body is jaded. If you are tired you have the opportunity to turn back and go home. Unlike when you are riding with your peers you will be under pressure of keeping up with the pace. This is the same reason why people love new online casino games. There is no pressure to continue playing after you have had enough.
  5. Stick to the plan. If you are cycling for training purposes, going out alone can help you stick to your training plan. Good training requires a good plan, so if your cycling partners have other ways of cycling and principles which are not in line with yours that can derail your training strategies.

2 thoughts on “There is Fun In Cycling Alone

  • July 22, 2019 at 8:43 pm

    There is fun cycling alone.
    Let’s not forget, cycling alone also develops a degree of self-reliance.
    You have to fix your own mechanical problems or punctures. You have to read your own map. You have to unwrap your own sandwiches. All of this helps keep the ageing brain alert and ready for anything that the open road throws at you.

    • August 7, 2019 at 9:09 am

      Peter, you make a great point there, fresh air and time to yourself will work wonders.


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